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Our Committees & Charitable Trust
The Guild operates a number of Committees to assist the Master, Wardens and Court:

Chair: Roberta Sanminiatelli

Deputy Chair: Dr Luda Svystunova

Committee Members:  Megan McCracken, Sean Fitzpatrick, Rodney Chau, Paris Jordan, Veronique Morel and Michelle Augur.

About: The Education Committee is responsible with the Events Committee for planning and organizing educational events of the Guild and ensuring that the events achieve their strategic goal. The Education Committee is also responsible for creating and curating investment management material that is helpful and a source of interest to members.

Chair:  Catherine Joint

Deputy Chair: Rob Greenway

Committee Members:  Fyona Knight, Camilla McKane, Dr Luda Svystunova, Faye Ye, Paul Emery, John Fiddes and Andrea Di Lena.

Public Relations & Communications Leads: Jeannie Dumas and Julian Samways

About:  The Events committee are responsible for planning and organising events both for existing members and also to attract new members to the Guild.  We aim to host a diverse range of events with something to suit everyone.  Typically in a year we will host formal dinners in different livery halls, have social activities in the city and have lively discussions on the latest industry specific topics.

Chair:  Andrew Bell

Deputy Chair: Chris Robinson

Committee Members: Tarandeep Panesar, Leigh Middleton-Ross, Chris Timms and Daphne Morgan.

About: The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing and reviewing the financial accounts for the Guild, arranging for them to be independently checked and recommending them to the Court for approval. It prepares the annual Budget (drawn up in conjunction with the following year’s Master) and monitors income and expenditure relative to plans. It makes suggestions and recommendations relating to financial matters to the Court. In time, as the Guild’s level of funds reaches a level where there is a material established surplus, it will make proposals to the Court regarding investment policy.


Chair: Alderman Simon Pryke

Deputy Chair: Tim Guinness (will succeed Simon as Committee chair in 2025).

Committee Members: Deputy Henry Pollard CC, Marina Tesauro, Roberta Sanminiatelli, Fabian Richter, Boris Mikhailov, Peter Grant and Emmanuel Artusa.

About: The Membership Committee meets in person quarterly, and considers applications for membership every month, communicating over email.  Applicants without a proposer and/or seconder are met by one of the Committee, who then makes a recommendation.  Events remain the best opportunity to invite potential members as guests to introduce to the Guild.  The Committee is keen to set up a sub-group focused on members U35, to collaborate on events with U35 groups at other livery companies and guilds.

Charitable Trust -

Chair: Anthony Yadgaroff

Secretary: Celia Soares

Trustees: Melissa Longley, Andrew Bell, Roberta Sanminiatelli, Virginia Salter (External Member), Chris Robinson, Tarandeep Panaser and Erik Berggren.

We plan to make grants, bursaries, scholarships or other awards for the study of investment management. We will also organise and hold public lectures relating to investment management.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead: Bev Shah

Financial Services Group Representative: Phil Clark (Henry Pollard to assume role in July 2024).

Military Liaisons

RAF Affiliation Lead: Phil Clark and Matthew Cox

Royal Navy Affiliations Lead: Henry Pollard

About: Affiliations between the Armed Services and the Livery Companies are formed to provide support and appreciation for His Majesty’s Armed Forces as they guard and protect us. There is much inter-action between Companies and Affiliates such as the granting of awards, exchange of visits, joint activities and dinner guest attendances. Welfare grants are often made by Company charitable funds.

The City of London Livery Companies have a particularly close and long-standing relationship with the Armed Forces of the Crown, that has lasted for generations and continues to flourish today. There are over 400 military affiliations across 111 Livery Companies. The Livery Companies have a vital, and much appreciated, role in supporting numerous regiments, ships, shore establishments, air stations and units in the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force. Where there is an obvious trade, craft or professional relationship between the Livery Company and their associated military units the relationship will often extend to career mentorship, training, examination and awards for excellence presented by the Livery to serving members of HM Forces.

The Guild has formed affiliations with Royal Air Force Squadron 6 Flying Training School and Royal Navy 845 Air Squadron.


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