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Mark Henderson
Founding Master

After graduating from the City of London College in 1971 Mark spent his working life in investment management.  He has been a Freeman of the Curriers Company since 1990 and would like to have joined a Livery company associated with his profession. At a dinner in 2015 with Alderman John Garbutt he discovered that they had both worked for Touche Remant & Co (TR) albeit at different times.  He asked “Why is there no Livery Company for investment managers?”   That was the start, five former employees of TR set about launching the Guild and four are still members today.

Don’t get me started on the number of meetings, boot licking, buttering up, writing and general schmoozing it took to get it off the ground but on 20th March 2018 the Court of Aldermen granted us “City of London” status.  After being Master in 2018/19 he became Chairman of the Investment Manager Charitable Trust applying his experience as a charity trustee since 1984.

Among his interests are genealogy, opera, a several water sports ranging from ice skating to scuba diving and travelling the world from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle.

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