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Revd Paul Kennedy

Honorary Chaplain



After a break of nearly 30 years, Rev. Paul returned to the City as Church of England Priest at St Vedast-alias-Foster and St Mary Aldermary. Previously, he had been a Chartered Accountant with a particular interest in the Lloyd’s insurance market during the turbulent period of the early 1990s.


Before returning to the City, Rev. Paul ministered in urban priority estates, suburbia, rural Hampshire and Winchester.


The Parish Church of St Vedast is fairly traditional, with strong links to the Livery movement; while the Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary is less traditional, with its own café and other trading opportunities. They both offer space for contemplation and reflection: peaceful sanctuaries within the returning business of the City. Rev. Paul feels that the church, especially in a City context, is here for people to come with their questions and experienc es. He enjoys the wide-ranging conversations around City services and social gatherings.


He enjoys running on a daily basis, as he has to take his springer spaniel, Winnie, out before the City gets busy. His other hobbies include cycling and surfing, with Cornwall as his favourite bolt-hole. He also enjoys theological reflection. The poetry of RS Thomas or Rowan Williams (both Welsh priests, like him) encourages Rev. Paul to stay at the heart of the mystery which is God.


He is married to Paula, a teacher and counsellor, and they have three adult sons.


Rev. Paul believes he is very lucky to live and work in the City; following on from his previous career, it has felt like coming home. He values the links to the Livery and other organisations, and believes that these forms of association are part of the rebuilding process post-Covid. He is very much looking forward to being Honorary Chaplain to the Guild of Investment Managers

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