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Tue, Jul 21
Please check your emails for the link.
Common Hall and Dinner at The Guildhall
Members are hereby summoned to attend the Common Hall of the Guild to be held by remote conferencing at 6.00pm on 21st July.
Tue, Jun 23
Behavioural Science
The Value of Inclusion in times of great uncertainty
What lessons can we learn from behavioural science about how we act in a time of crisis characterised by great uncertainty? Professor in behavioural science Dr Grace Lordan will be joining us to answer this and other key questions. Do not miss it!
Thu, May 07
Via Zoom
Master's Lecture Online 2020 "Can we afford to be moral?"
We are pleased to invite you to the Masters Lecture 2020 "Can we afford to be moral?" with guest speaker Mr Michael Ramsden.
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