Membership Benefits

The Guild is a place to connect, collaborate, and grow.


We offer events and access to City traditions that appeal to a wide range of industry professionals. Member benefits include: 

  • Networking events, socials, and member meet & greet events.

  • Keynote lecture evenings and knowledge transfer workshops with senior investment managers and external guests.

  • A route to decision makers and key influencers within the City's government and business world.

  • Informal dinners around London, and formal banquets City livery halls/Mansion House.

  • Participating in the Guild's ceremonial duties, including the Lord Mayor's show.  

  • Inter-Livery social events and clubs, including sailing, golf, tennis, skiing.

  • Becoming a Freeman of the City of London, with the opportunity to progress further.

  • Charity events, fundraising, and awards and much more.

We encourage members to actively participate in shaping the Guild, and to apply to become a Freeman of the City or Liveryman. Contact us to find out more. 

How do I join?

All investment management professionals over the age of 18 are eligible to join our membership, and we welcome applicants at all stages of their careers from the UK and overseas.

UK members need to have an investment qualification from the Financial Conduct Authority's Appropriate Qualification table which is at, or higher than, Level 4 (as defined by Ofqual through its Regulated Qualification Framework), which includes the IMC. There is provision for admitting individuals who practised before the regulation came into force.

There are two classes of membership, Members and Freemen of the City, the latter are eligible to become Freemen of the Guild. Ultimately, should we eventually reach full Livery status, this will become Liverymen and Freemen of the Worshipful Company of Investment Managers.

The written application is followed by an interview with one or more members of the Guild. Applicants will be informed of the outcome shortly after the meeting; the Guild’s decision is final without an obligation to give reasons. 

One off joining fee (called Fines)

  • Under 35s: £50

  • Regular members: £150

  • Freemen: £250

Annual fee (called Quarterage)

  • Under 35s: £50

  • Regular members: £150

  • Freemen: £250

Payable annually on 1st July by standing order.

Please send us:

  • Your competed application form (below)

  • A one/two page CV, along with any supporting info (such as your LinkedIn profile)

  • A colour, digital, passport style photograph of yourself


Your CV should be as much about you as a person and should not be a purely professional/occupational resumé. Applications should be submitted to

More information on membership and application can be found here. Alternatively, contact us to find out more.

Network and connect

Widen your social circle and business networks with our exciting schedule of events that runs thoughout the year.

Develop and grow

Learn from your peers and stay informed at our planned skills based workshops and knowledge transfer sessions.

Make a difference

Raise funds for charity and help raise the profile of the asset management industry in the wider world.

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Freeman Application Form

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