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Fyona Knight Guild Build

Beacons of modernism they are not. From the oldest — generally recognised to be the Weavers Company (established in 1155) — to the most recently formed (the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars, granted livery status four years ago), the City of London’s livery companies are among the most staid institutions in the Square Mile. Charitable do-gooding, yes. Old men’s dining clubs, also yes. Fyona Knight, a credit analyst at Aviva, is on a mission to change that.


The Guild of Investment Managers is shooting for livery status over the next year or so. But for Knight this isn’t just about voting for the Lord Mayor. She wants to make the asset managers’ guild the most diverse of the City’s 111 such companies. She’s keen to recruit women, and other “liverymen” from the BAME, LGBT and disabled workers in asset management. Overcoming the stuffy image and building a new guild for the 21st century will be tough. But the bar is low.

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