Letter from the

new Master

At present the Guild does not have an associated charity but it is envisaged that it will have one in the near future. Members are expected to make a donation to the Guild’s charity, each according to their means. If you do not intend to make some donation you might want to reconsider whether membership is right for you.


Once fully established the Guild is required by the Court of Aldermen to have a charity with over £300,000 in it if the Guild is to progress to full Livery. 


Therefore, thought has been given to type of charitable activities that would be appropriate.

Current ideas include awarding bursaries for individuals, not yet employed in the industry, to gain appropriate examinations, making awards for excellence and innovation in investment management and informing the public about the importance of investment management.  Consideration has also been given to the idea of offering prizes, in collaboration with an education establishment, for academic work in the field. It is envisaged that it would also support the charities associated with the Lord Mayor and the City of London. 


Ultimately it will be for the members and the officers of the charity to decide where the money goes.

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